EL*C Services

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, EL*C has been actively engaged in providing community-based support to the lesbian and LGBTI communities in Ukraine and in providing direct help to those leaving the country. We have established an emergency helpline that is operated 24/7, providing information and services, including psychological, medical and legal support, help in obtaining other needed services and accessing rights. We also provide safe housing at the border in Poland and help with relocations in other European countries. Finally, we support organisations in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries with financial help and humanitarian aid. Please check below for more information.


EL*C has opened safe houses at the Polish border. If you need to cross the border and to stay in a safe place before continuing your travel, you can contact us and we will organise the border pick up and your stay at the safe houses. We can also provide you with essential goods (food, medicine, hygiene products, clothes, etc). In case you will cross the border to other countries, we can provide you with contacts of partners’ organisations that organise similar services for lesbians. CONTACT US HERE: +48 571 944 400


Via our emergency helpline, we can provide you with information on accessing your rights and accessing the services you need, including via the provision of psychological, medical and legal support. When we are not able to provide those services directly, we can put you in touch with our partners in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries that will be able to them. CONTACT US HERE: +48 571 944 400


EL*C operates a Lesbian Hosting Network with more than 500 hosts in many European countries. The housing solution, usually up to few months, will allow you to make the first steps in the hosting countries and start developing a network of fellow lesbians, LGBTI people and allies. We check the hosts for security reasons, and we can help you get in touch with them. We can also help organising your travel, purchase tickets and cover other travel-related expenses. CONTACT US HERE: +48 571 944 400


EL*C supports LGBTI shelters in Ukraine by collecting and organizing delivery of humanitarian aid to cover all basic needs. This includes food, medicines, mattresses, tampon and hygienic products, product for pet-caring (carriers/pet food/etc) and everything else that might be needed. We offer this help to LGBTI shelters across the country, but we are unfortunately unable to offer this aid directly to individuals. CONTACT US HERE: +48 571 944 400


Since the beginning of the invasion, we have been working with shelters, LGBTI and lesbian organisation in Ukraine as well as with organisation working in the neighbouring countries to welcome and assist LGBTI refugees. If needed, EL*C can provide financial supports for these initiatives. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide financial supports to individuals. CONTACT US HERE: +48 571 944 400