In Spain refugees will get necessary support on arrival, but afterwards they can rely mainly on charitable organizations and are not entitled to financial support from the state. On the plus side refugees have a right to medical insurance and children can access free secondary education. There are also LGBT organizations that offer significant legal support as well as professional and educational orientation. See the contact details in the relevant tab.



Temporary Status

According to the EU Temporary Protection Directive Spain is granting temporary protection to those displaced from Ukraine following Russian military aggression. Detailed information is available here:

The Spanish government has implemented the Order PCM/169/2022 ( (“Order on Temporary Protection”), which establishes the procedure for the recognition of temporary protection for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Based on the Order on Temporary Protection, Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the war will be granted temporary protection for one year, which will allow them to live and work in Spain.

Temporary protection and corresponding permits for residence and work can be extended automatically for one more year.

Ukrainian citizens can request temporal protection at one of four Reception, Care and Referral Centers (OAR): in Madrid (Porzuelo de Alarcón), Barcelona (Fira de Barcelona), Alicante (Ciudad de la Luz), or Malaga's Reception, Care and Referral Center; or in Centros de Internamiento de Extranjeros (CIE), or border-crossing points (at seaports and airports).

At the center, police officers take fingerprints and photos, and issue an NIE – a foreigner's identification number. The NIE entitles you to stay on the country's territory and receive social and medical benefits. The decision to grant temporary protection is made within 24 hours following the application. The applicant receives the decision via e-mail, regular mail, and via the OAR webpage.

Ukrainians who were granted temporary protection status should apply for TIE (Tarjeta Identidad de Extranjero). For this they'll need to schedule an appointment (cita). It's now possible to apply online:

Financial Subsistence

No allowance. But the Spanish government offers Ukrainians who applied for temporary protection food and housing. Organizations responsible for provision of benefits: CRUZ ROJA, CEAR , ACCEM, Cáritas. Please find contact details for the organizations in different provinces:

Websites of the organizations:

Legal support is provided by SOJ.

Access to Healthcare

Ukrainian citizens enjoying temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive will have access to medical care. Under the temporary protection law Ukrainian refugees who were granted temporary protection are considered fully insured.

For medical emergencies you can go directly to the hospital even before you receive your temporary protection.

For regular medical care you'll need SIP (medical insurance). For this, look for the nearest Centro de Salude (on Google maps, for example), and go there with all necessary documents (passport, NIE, positive decision of temporary protection, TIE) and ask for SIP Ucrania para Refugiados. You’ll need to fill in a form. Then you’ll be granted SIP for three months.


Ukrainian citizens who are unable to support themselves can expect to have a place in the Spanish Refugee Reception Centers. They can also look for help from social services in their city/town (Servicio Sociales) or from Immigration Service Centers (Centro de Atención a la Inmigración).

EL*C has created a lesbian hosting network of individuals who made their apartments and spare rooms available for Ukrainian refugees. Please notice that EL*C can provide you with a temporary solution (up to a few months). Contact the relocation team at: +48 571 944 400 and

Other organizations providing help with housing (please notice that these contacts are not verified by us):

Access to Education

Minors under the age of 18 have the right to access the educational system. In order to enroll your minor to school you need to contact the Ministry of Education. Check for phone number and e-mail address. They will tell you what documents you need to provide and will inform you about the nearest schools where your child can enroll. Afterwards, you can communicate with the chosen school directly (children can enroll free of charge and may be provided free lunches if you ask the Ministry for such an arrangement).

Higher education: some universities allocate a certain number of seats for Ukrainian students. Education is free of charge, accommodation is provided, as well as a monthly allowance of €250-500. For details please contact the Ministry of Education:


Public transport is not free for Ukrainians. However, it's possible to get free train tickets from Madrid and Barcelona (you have to show your Ukrainian passport at the ticket office).

Employment Services

Ukrainian citizens enjoying temporary protection under the Temporary Protection Directive will be granted a work permit, which is valid for the entire duration of the temporary protection. This work permit allows its holder to work as an employee or self-employed. The state does not provide any help.

Recognition of Same-Gender Couples and Same-Gender Parenthood

Spain has recognized same-sex marriage since 2005, granting the same rights as heterosexual relationships and family reunification. Spain has been a pioneer in LGBTI+ rights.

In order to marry in Spain, at least one partner must be a Spanish citizen, although two Non-Spaniards may marry if they both have legal residence in Spain.

Legal Gender Recognition

The rights for gender recognition/name change that apply to Spanish citizens unfortunately do not extend to non-citizens.

Local Support
Lesbian organizations in Spain

Lesworking (throughtout the country)

Asociacion Nos Mesma (based in Vigo)

LGBTI refugee organizations

Lambda, col·lectiu LGTB+ per la diversitat sexual, de gènere i familiar (based in Valencia) has a support program for migrants and the Orienta office offers a support service for LGBT individuals and families:
They offer legal and juridical advice, psychological counseling, professional/educational orientation.

KIF-KIF- (based in Madrid): this organization's mission is to provide support for LGBTI+ migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and others seeking international protection. They work with people independently of their status. Here you have several resources on support for our community in Spain:
Kif-Kif provides legal support with an in-house lawyer who has worked with Kif-Kif for years and is an expert on LGBTI+ rights. They also provide Spanish classes and support in employment searches. Kif-Kif's health program supports individuals living with HIV and advocates for health access for all.

LGBTI organizations

FELGBT is the Spanish federation of LGBTI organizations. A list of their members can be found here.


If you are traveling with a dog/cat you should have an international passport for your pet, a microchip, and the pet should be vaccinated against rabies. You can temporarily leave your pet at a shelter while you are looking for accommodation. To find a shelter search for "fundacion de ayuda animales" + the name of the city where you'll stay.