Although refugees receive necessary support upon arrival, you’ll encounter some red tape while applying for further help (housing, medical insurance, reduced transport fare). But on the plus side, you can understand what approximately you are entitled by checking the resources provided in the tabs below. Refugees get the best support in the sphere of education. Lesbian couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples. Ukrainian same-sex couples can get married in France, but the procedure will take some time and effort (see the relevant tab).



Temporary Status

According to the EU Temporary Protection Directive, France is granting temporary protection to those displaced from Ukraine following Russian military aggression. Detailed information is available here:

Rights granted to applicants for temporary protection in France:

  • temporary residence permit in France for six months;
  • work permit;
  • access to medical care;
  • education for minors;
  • support in housing.
To apply for temporary protection go to:

Paris: Point « accueil Ukraine » - Paris Expo porte de Versailles - Hall 2.1 (Métro et Tram Porte de Versailles - accès par l’avenue Ernest Renan 75015 Paris).
Nice: Centre administratif et d’accueil pour les personnes fuyant la guerre en Ukraine - Salle Malatesta 64 Avenue Cyrille Besset 06100 Nice.
Strasbourg: Centre d’accueil pour les ressortissants ukrainiens : Place de la Bourse - 67 000 Strasbourg.
Other cities/towns: Go the nearest prefecture (go to the map). The prefecture is an institution authorized by the French state to organize the reception of displaced persons, official registration and access to housing in France.

You will receive Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour (APS) for 6 months. It may be extended for 3 years maximum.

Apply with documents (for example Ukrainian passport or other proof of nationality) that show that you are eligible for temporary protection status. If your application is accepted, you will get the status and will be directed to the French Service of Immigration and Integration (l’Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration (OFII)):

Financial Subsistence

Once you are granted temporary protection you are eligible for financial support (the amount is calculated based on number of members of the family). Here you can check the amount paid per day depending on the size of the family and on whether the family was provided with accommodation: (folder Montant). In OFII the person holding the status will receive an ADA card and will be able to pay for goods and services with it.

Access to Healthcare

On receipt of the temporary residence permit (APS) refugees get Assurance Maladie and additional medical insurance (CSS), and all their expenses on medical care are covered.
The insurances cover medical treatment, doctor's advice, prescribed medicine and laboratory tests. Refugees also have access to psychological support.
Refugees who need medical assistance but don't have APS can go to the nearest state hospital and present their passport or other form of ID.
Refugees with disabilities can inform their prefecture of their particular needs.


After arrival refugees will stay in the arrival centers for 1-2 nights. Depending on family structure and local conditions, refugees will be provided with temporary housing for several weeks/months before they are provided with permanent housing. Refugees are entitled to personal housing aid (APL) to reduce the payment for rented accommodation (the accommodation should be rented officially). Here you can check the maximum amount of personal housing aid depending on the size of the family and residential zone:

In order to get the aid refugees should apply to the Fund of Family Support (CAF):

EL*C has created a lesbian hosting network of individuals who have made their apartments and spare rooms available for Ukrainian refugees. Please notice that EL*C can provide you with a temporary solution (up to a few months). Contact the relocation team at: +48 571 944 400 and

Access to Education

Children under 3 years old can be enrolled into nurseries closest to one's home. Contact either the nursery directly (for urgent enrollment) or city hall (for more permanent arrangements).

3-10 years old: contact city hall.
11-18 years old: contact school closest to your home or your local National Education Service department.

Teenagers who are 16-18 years old can also get assistance in finding work or professional training.

Higher education: Students who were granted APS can apply to Campus France at, or fill the application form on the emergency reception portal and wait for this organization to contact them with suggestions on further education.

More information in English here:


On receipt of the temporary residence permit (APS) refugees can apply for a Social Security Number, and when they have it they can apply for the transport card that gives the holder 75% discount for transportation services.
Refugees are also entitled to one free train trip in France or to neighboring countries. Please check details here:

Employment Services

On receipt of the temporary residence permit (APS) refugees are allowed to work. You can seek help at the State Employment Service in your prefecture, they will help you find a job. This organization can also help you find free French language courses.

Recognition of Same-Gender Couples and Same-Gender Parenthood

Marriage: French same-sex couples are treated on an equal footing compared to different-sex couples concerning access to civil marriage and adoption. Same-sex foreign couples can get married in France. But for Ukrainians the procedure may be complicated by war: they will not be able to obtain certain documents (like their official birth certificate) or provide proof of address (tenancy agreement). Information on the procedure and documents:

Parenting: Lesbian couples can apply for assisted reproduction and children born from such medical assistance will have two "mothers" in their birth certificate. Same-sex couples can also dopt children, but they are required to marry before establishing parental rights.

Legal Gender Recognition

Starting from 2016 sterilization and proof of medical treatment are no longer required for people to have their documents legally reflect who they are.

Local Support
Lesbian organizations in France:

Association Les Dégommeuses (based in Paris)

Association Bagdam Espace lesbien (based in Toulose)

LGBTI organizations in France:

Inter-LGBT is the French federation of LGBTI organizations. A list of their members is available here.


If refugees entering France with their cat or dog fail to present their pet's international passport and vaccination against rabies, they should contact a local veterinary practice as soon as possible or the Direction Départementale de la Protection des Populations.